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Presenting a Unified Vision for European Esports

Esports Europe aims to present a unifying vision for Esports in Europe to unite and align all key stakeholders of Esports with specific attention to the underlying values of the European communities: transparency, fair play, sportsmanship, human values, and inclusiveness

Brief History of Esports Europe

Established 2020

The Inauguration of "Esports Europe - European Esports Federation" was hosted in the European Parliament in Brussels, February 2020

Hosted Events

Esports Europe had hosted the European Nation Cup annually since 2020. The event has grown to become the European Esports Championships

Grown to 45 Members

Following the successful programs of Esports Europe, 45 nations are currently members of the federation

Meet Our National Members

Esports Europe’s core is comprised of the National Associations, each representing a single country in the European Neighborhood.

Currently, 44 countries are members of Esports Europe:

To view the list of nations, please use a PC or Tablet.

Affiliate Members

European Esports corporate leaders affiliated with EEF

The European
Esports Championships

Replacing the annual Nation Cup, the European Esports Championships brings Esports athletes from 41 countries to compete for the cup and determine the best nations in the most popular Esports titles.

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