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We are the unifying body for esports in Europe

About EEF

Esports Europe (Officially: the European Esports Federation) is a non-profit organization Established in the European Parliament in Brussels in February 2020 by 26 national Esports associations and Federations from all over Europe.

Today, with over 44 European member nations, Esports Europe is the largest regional federation for Esports in the world.

Our goal is to promote Esports as a legitimate sport and recreational activity, as well as the standing of the European Esports ecosystem in the world of Esports.
Esports Europe is the official European regional federation in the International Esports Federation.

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Our values and mission

As a democratic organization, our values and mission are defined in the Statutes of EEF, approved by the EEF General Assembly. Those include, among other things:

Promote all aspects of Esports in Europe and bring together the community of European Esports stakeholders in the spirit of European solidarity, understanding, freedom, and peace

Act as a representative voice for Esports in Europe, inform and raise awareness among the public about Esports

Monitor the development of every type of Esports in Europe

Promote a conscious, responsible, sustainable, healthy, and value-based development of Esports in Europe in the spirit of peace and fair play, without any discrimination, supporting Esports communities and players;

To ensure open access to Esports and to promote Esports as a tool of inclusivity and integration;

To promote and protect ethical standards and good governance in European Esports, especially with respect to rights bound to the intellectual property of the games;

To ensure that the sporting values of Esports always prevail over commercial interests;

To ensure equal opportunities, health, equality, and safety for all participants in Esports;

To develop and promote a unified structure of Esports in Europe and serve as a platform of transparent and democratic exchange;

To maintain relationships and cooperate with European politics, administration, academics, economy, and society, and promote a united approach within its memberships towards all stakeholders;

Meet our team

Executive board

Tiago Fernandes


Karol Cagan​

Vice president

Boban Totovski​

Board member

Milan Đukić

Board member

Ramil Aliyev​

Board member

Lars Ostrem

Board member

Ivan Danishevsky

Board member

Advisory committee

Chris Balder Jonasson​

Ed Anohkin​

Balazs Biro​

Jacopo Ierussi​