Statement Regarding EEC 2022 – Montenegro

On the 8th of September 2022, during the official RO16 match between France and North Macedonia, an incident occurred in which French player Christopher “Christopher_M_M” Maduro Morais conducted himself in an unprofessional and unsportsmanlike manner, in contrast to the rules, as well as values, of the European Esports Championships.

The player in question used inappropriate language as well as inappropriate body gestures towards his rival and spectators during the match.

Following an official request by the direct referee of the match, an inquest was conducted to determine the proper action to take considering such behavior.

The European Esports Federation consulted the official rulebook of the European Championship and the International Esports Federation’s (IESF) players committee.

A public letter of apology by the French Esports Federation (FFJIV) was received following the incident.

Considering the circumstances as described, the EEF had decided to overturn the match result by technical forfeiture, granting the victory to David Garevski of North Macedonia, who will advance to play in the quarter-final against Italy.

Ido Brosh, President of EEF: “Unsportsmanlike conduct and toxic behavior cannot be accepted in Esports. We are taking the appropriate measures to ensure that all players of the competitions are treated fairly and equally, have fun, and ensure that the integrity of the competition is not compromised in any way.”

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